Park Tips

Leave No Trace

  • Please stay on designated trails
  • Carry out litter (aka. pack it in, pack it out)

Respect Plants & Wildlife

  • Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers
  • Leave tidal pools as they are

Park & Trail Etiquette

  • Keep your dog under control and on the trail
  • Pick up your dog’s droppings
  • Share trails and keep right, except to pass
  • When passing, alert other trail visitors and use caution, particularly around horses
  • Respect trail environments and neighbouring lands
  • Yield to farm equipment
  • Control your speed and yield to pedestrians and horse riders
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • Pick up your dog’s droppings
  • Motorized vehicles, camping, open fires and alcohol are prohibited in most parks

We welcome your tips… please comment below…